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Getting Married by the Parish Minister

When a Minister is asked to come alongside a couple getting married, it is not just a pleasure but a privilege that ministers have in this role where they are allowed into a couple and sometimes even a family’s a high point of celebration. And while a minister might fulfil a State function, their first inducement is the service of God in conducting a Wedding Service.

The Marriage Scotland Act of 1977 allows for a Marriage service to be carried out by Ministers of the Church of Scotland. They perform the same function that a Local Authority Registrar would in the eyes of the law. They are not bound by the premises they operate from and can be available for weddings in the church or alternately they can officiate in Hotels, Halls or even someone’s home.

Parish Ministers offer a uniquely Christian perspective of marriage based on the principles and teaching of Jesus and the Bible. In Civil Law there is a legal requirement that certain questions are asked and answered from a couple about to be married. Parish Ministers offer the act of Christian Marriage which involves a couple making their vows of marriage not just to one another but before God himself. Parish Ministers are therefore acting on behalf of both the Church and the State in this regard.


Changes in Marriage.

The Church has seen Society undergo many changes over the years in relation to marriage. Where once Couples would have went out together for a time before becoming engaged in the lead up to their being married but still living apart, couples will now more often be living together before seeking to get married. In the Church of Scotland the recent social changes allowing for Civil Partnership and Same Sex Marriage have been intensely debated in its Kirk Sessions, Presbyteries and of course its General Assembly. The Debate has left the Church of Scotland in a state of divided opinion. Whilst the General Assembly has affirmed that the traditional position of Marriage should involve one man and one woman, it also allows for those who have elected to adopt what has been referred to as the Revisionist position taking into account those in a same sex relationship. This means that one Parish Minister may still hold to the Traditional view of marriage while a neighbouring Minister may have a Revisionist view. This is to allow a liberty of theological opinion which may differ from his or her colleague in the next parish.


  1. When can we get married ?
  2. How and when do we get the Marriage Schedule and what is it?
  3. When do they issue the Marriage licence?
  4. Who is involved in the Wedding Party ?
  5. Will we have a rehearsal?
  6. Is there a Fee?


Contacting the Minister

When a Parish Minister is appointed to a particular parish church, as the Parish Minister he/she takes on a mandate to be available for consultation to any and all in the Parish, where they serve, to assist where they can in the preparations of a Marriage. The Minister at the Park Church here in Giffnock, will be happy to discuss arrangements required for a wedding ceremony.



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