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Meet the Minister

My name is Calum Macdonald and I want to share a wee bit of the journey of faith that brought me to The Park Church here in Giffnock. I married my wife Wilma in 1984 and three years later began my studies at Glasgow University and after five years at University, two children, a year’s probation and 8yrs in my first charge in Saltcoats, I came to Giffnock in the August of 2001. The privilege of being a Parish Minister has had many challenges and rewards over the years, some good whilst others not so much. My deep affection for the folk I serve in this fine parish has never diminished in all the time I’ve been here. The ultimate challenge for all of us here at Park Church has always been to remain faithful to Him who loved us first, to seek to promote and proclaim his love to those around us, to honour Christ in our faith, in our service and in our witness. That is the Journey that lies ahead of us here at Park Church. If you would like to be part of that, then you will be more than welcome to join us.

Our Church
ChurchInsideThe Park Church has had a Christian presence within the Giffnock area for over 75 years and although it is younger than her two older sisters, Orchardhill Church and Giffnock South, its impact has been no less significant. It all began with the building of the new housing estate of Orchard Park just before the outbreak of war in 1939. The proposition of a new Church Extension Charge in the Orchard Park Area was proposed through the Very Rev. Dr. John White of the Barony Church in Glasgow who had a deep interest in Church Extension projects. Following that decision through saw the appointment of Orchard Park Church’s First parish minister, Rev David H. McMahon when he was inducted on the 26th April 1940.
The establishment of a congregation and minister did not take long to put into effect but the provision of their own suite of buildings that took a wee bit longer. In the interim the congregation met for Worship in Giffnock Courthouse which then was attached to Giffnock Police Station in Braidholm Road. It still is a Police Station and Courthouse to this day. Read more

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